Phosphitidalcholine are a class of phospholipids that include choline as a head group.

Injection lipolysis is a procedure that breaks down the fat cells, so in just 3 rounds a month, you can minimise the weight of your chosen area.

Our bodies were not made to lose weight. Those who have excess kilos can find it more difficult than ever to shed the weight they desire. This is where Melbourne Sports Medicine & Anti-Ageing Science comes in. We will assess your specific situation to discover where the excess weight has come from and how to get rid of it once and for all.

Our weight loss program involves treatments that are designed to help you shed weight with minimal effort. First, make the appointment to see one of our professional weight loss experts. Next, a plan will be put together for you. With our help, you will start to see a smaller body. Most patients see results in just three months.

The professional staff at our treatment centre is highly trained and discreet. No one needs to know that you are visiting us for your weight loss needs. However, you may be so happy with your treatments that you can’t wait to show and tell everyone about your new figure.

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