Melbourne Sports Medicine & Anti-Aging Science

Offering a full range of clinical & pathology services including but not limited to onsite Blood collection for elite athletes, hormone profiling and full blood examination. We offer SARMS, GHRP-6, CJC-1295, HGH & testosterone therapies, we also cover a large range of growth promoting products.

The athlete of today wants peace of mind during their peptide or hormone based training regime. Our professional staff can help you reach your health & sporting goals safely & discreetly.

We offer drug profiling, & hormone mapping, dietetics.

This brand new clinic offers Anti-Wrinkle injections, Dermal fillers, weight loss injections & will as part of our beauty treatments soon offer IPL laser hair removal for Men & Women in the near future.

We offer IV Therapy to combat adrenal fatigue & support the immune system during extended periods of stress and exertion brought on from the rigors of your sporting or general business day!

We are now working on OTC weight loss products

And in our R& D section we are now developing men’s health products including ED products.

Anti-Aging Procedures Clinic